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The Fed Express!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is American Football the dullest sport in existence?

It is likely that this topic may upset a certain amount of people and for that I apologise, however I felt it had to be said.

With the most recent NFL (National Football League) season drawing to a close, the New York Giant's claimed the Superbowl trophy, to some known as the 'Greatest show on earth', and were proclaimed as 'World Champions'. 

Firstly when dubbing this title the 'Greatest show on earth' did they realise that there are in fact hundreds of other sports which are far more enjoyable, interesting and not so mind-numbingly dull. The sport seems to have a superiority complex which is just one of the many reasons why this sport is so irritating to me.

Secondly, 'World Champions' has to encompass the entire planet, not just the United States of America. Perhaps there is a reason why practically no other countries play this tedious and monotonous sport as nobody sees it as a worthwhile sport to take up! 
Never have I witnessed a more over hyped, commercialized, stop-start affair than the Superbowl. Despite there being only 2 minutes left of the final, I found myself switching to an alternative channel as it took almost 10 minutes to complete, talk about your gigantic waste of time. 

Now to my reasoning behind why i find this sporting spectacle so dreary.
First off the constant ebb and flow of the sport is so very wearisome as one play can last on average a few short seconds. There is no momentum, no fluidity or speed to the game. A game that should last 60 minutes, can take up to 4 frankly boring hours of play.
According to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent broadcasts, and similar estimates by researchers, the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes.
The average NFL game contains about 120 actual plays which takes an average of five to six seconds each. That means that only 5% of the game is action and 95% of the game is a borefest of standing around, going off and on the field and endless commercials. My god these are some supremely fit athletes... Not! 

Where were we? ... Ahhh yes another reason why I think American Football is very dull.
In a game situation
 the Quarterback receives the ball and will attempt to throw it to one of their players, gaining perhaps a few meters at a time. That is all it is.... throw.... and catch. The 'Greatest show on Earth' I think not. 
All of the 'plays', where there are apparently thousands to choose from, are run by the miked up coach calling the shots on what decisions to make but he might as well say, 'throw the ball down field to the guy on the right not the left this time, that will bamboozle them!' or something of a similar persuasion. 

It is bad enough that the constant advertisements, that plague american sports, are on every other minute or so but due to the constant stoppages and time outs the studio panel of experts frequently divulge new, detailed and informative tactical advice on where the team is going right or wrong. This in itself frustrates me still  further with the over the top ongoing analysis that never ceases to end.
If this happened in our beloved football, television viewers would miss half of the game, with Gary Lineker's face popping up every five minutes to discuss that missed chance or what one player is doing effectively. What a farce!

Another irksome part of the game is the constant histrionic showboating of obnoxious self indulgence. It is understandable to want to celebrate after scoring a goal, hitting a century in cricket, scoring a try or in this case a touchdown. But to celebrate a completed play almost 50 yards away from the end zone is just ridiculous. Ohh wait back to the studio panel to analyse that play to death and talk about that celebration yeah! Yawn!

Other noteworthy points involve the physical attributes of the players. Most professional athletes are pristine and prime specimen athletes. They lead ascetic lives, are constantly trying to push the bar higher in terms of fitness and strength and follow stringent nutrition routines.
On the other hand many NFL athletes are encouraged to be as large, and for many so called athletes, as fat as possible in an attempt to block the other team from stopping their players. 
Peak of human condition.....

Take former player William Perry. Here is a player who is 6 foot 2 but weighed a monstrous 382 pounds or over 27 stone. Which ever way you look at it, this man is extremely obese and may cause him severe health problems further down the line, yet this is encouraged by fans and teams alike. Not the best message to send to young children.

Last but not least, padding. I don't have much to say about this apart from, man up and take it like rugby players do, (but they can keep the helmets because of the high tackles) that is all.
I may have come across here as having negative feelings towards this sport. Well I do. I honestly find watching snooker, curling or perhaps even dressage as more exciting events, as there is no showboating, commercials, not nearly as stop start and none are wearing pointless padding. 


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